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    Arla Caraboolad has been helping people make gold out of their straw for twenty years. Take Tony, for example, who was loaded on Rx drugs and suicidal when he came, and seven months later was enjoying making relationships and looking forward to graduation. His story is in chapter 11 of The Worst Evil--Losing Yourself.  Bonnie is another client whose story is in this book. Her Narcissistic mom wouldn't forgive her for keeping a relationship with her dad, (her ex-husband) even on her death bed. She also has found freedom from her false self.

     Arla is a licensed Marriage, Individual, and Family Systems Therapist  in southern California, and also a Certified Family Life Educator. More importantly, she is a wife, mother, step-mom, and grandmother of eight.

     She gets excited about finding answers to life, faith, and health questions, and helping others find theirs too. (Health is a secondary passion.)

     Her biggest passion is pursuing an experiential love relationship with God, (she loves writing and rewriting God-in-a-Box blog) and understanding the Rules of Engagement in the universal war between good and evil. Her new series Love's Playbook is the Bible as a story--easy to understand and fun to read--written to make God look all-good as They* are claimed to be in Scripture. (*One God--one position filled by three beings.)



     Loxlia Johnson Paltz is first, very aware that she is the daughter of a very loving, kind, heavenly king and Father, and second, a wife and mother of four adorable, high-energy boys (the oldest pictured at 5) and now has a little girl!

     Her blogs will take you into your own feelings if you have ever experienced a similar situation or feeling. They flow out of her in raw emotion.

     In addition she is a runner, physical trainer, former homeschool teacher, proficient homemaker,  decorator, seamstress, gluten-free baker and health coach. (She has written and published a gluten-free cupcake cookbook, "lovelycrumbs: A Gluten-Free Cupcake Obsession", with more to follow--someday.






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