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        The Story Behind Our Story

About the author


  Arla Caraboolad believes that true self is something God desires for us. He wants us to have an identity and love ourselves.

 She has been helping people make gold out of their straw for twenty years. Take Tony, for example, who was loaded on Rx drugs and suicidal when he came, and seven months later was enjoying life and looking forward to graduation. His story is in chapter 11.      

 Bonnie is another in the book, she was taught that she shouldn't excel. But she has found the strength to be her and be good at it.

  Arla gets excited about finding answers to questions of life and faith and health, and helping others find theirs as well.

  Her biggest passion is pursuing an experiential love relationship with God, and understanding the Rules of Engagement in the universal war between good and evil. As she has pictured in Love's Playbook, first in a new series.

  Health is key to being your best self, and addressed in two chapters. Health has been a focus for 35 years. She loves to see people learn and come alive to their best selves.

  Arla is a Marriage and Family Systems Therapist  in southern California, and also a Certified Family Life Educator. More important, she is a wife, mother, step-mom, and grandmother of seven.




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Praise for The Worst Evil--

Losing Yourself


     I love this book! I've read it twice and plan to read it again!  --Theresa


 Well done! My favorite is the last chapter.

I could read it every night for a year! --Lisa


  Read this book, it will change your life.  --Kris


  Everyone should read this book! --Dave


I've read it three times and want to read it again.



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