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We hope this becomes a dependency. Strange thing for a therapist to say. But we are dependent on God for life and peace and joy. Spending time with Him every day (imagining these vignettes) will enhance your life and growth as nothing else can.


Misinformation about God is rampant out there today. This is good stuff--agreeing with the best interpretation you can put on Scripture.


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By Arla, Feb 19 2021 02:00AM

Peter, James and John hear his cries to God, and their impulse is to go to him, but they hesitate. He told us to stay and pray.

Jesus longs for comfort, some word of encouragement or understanding to break evil's spell. His agony manifests in sweat like blood from the stress.

Exhausted, he struggles to his friends for comfort; again they are sleeping.

The third time he goes to prayer in a horror of darkness. He could wipe off the bloody sweat, and let humanity suffer their own consequences, and return to his Father. Satan pushes the thought home.

Earth's fate trembles. Spirit and Father suffer terribly with him, not able to intervene. Angels watch, longing to console him. The unfallen universe watches intently, hardly breathing, as legions of satanic angels enclose around their beloved Lord.

Jesus feels the evil--our future without God, our pain and suffering, feels our helplessness, sees our hopeless end, and his decision is made. I will be the remedy to save man at any cost! With finality he cries, "If this has to be done, I will do it!" And he falls, dying, to the ground, experiencing the separation of "the second death."*

His decision made, now the Father sends the angel who took Lucifer's place in heaven to strengthen Jesus with assurance of the Father's love.

The disciples, awakened by the light, see the bright being holding him, are relieved, and give in to the stupor of sleep overpowering them.

His agony of abandonment continues, but his discouragement and depression are gone.

Matthew 26:42-44, Mark 14:39-40, Luke 22:42-45, Revelation 20

By Arla, Dec 1 2020 02:00AM

Jesus meets so much opposition from leaders, and can explain so little of what he wants his disciples to understand, that the exuberant success of the returning 70 is pure joy to him.

"Lord," they say, "the devils are subject to us in your name!"

Nodding and smiling, he exclaims, "I saw Satan fall from heaven!" Broken humans have worked with God enough to overthrow Satan's kingdom!

Spirit shows Jesus the whole cosmic war--past, present, and future:

--Satan originally cast out of heaven,

--Satan's character finally fully exposed to the universe at Jesus' crucifixion,

--the future universe forever free of Satan's accusations, and deceptions.

He pictures Satan's defeat, a few months ahead, and joyfully announces, "I have given you power over all the forces of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you." He wants us to accept his triumph as ours! To think of Satan as conquered!

But Jesus knows how quickly false-self rises to life through power and success, so he adds a caution, "Rejoice more in your connection with God than in your power over devils. You belong to the family of heaven!" He wants to make sure they understand that the power is in the connection.

Then overflowing with emotion, he looks up "I thank you, Father, for revealing Yourself to these spiritual babes, instead of to those who think they know you."

Smiling on them, he says, "How happy I am that you have experienced this!"

Jesus sees ahead to evil's effects ended as the cosmic conflict closes, and God's peace fills the universe, and knows his mission is worth it..

Luke 10:1-24

By Arla, Mar 30 2020 01:00AM

Unfortunately, when Jesus died this great controversy between God and Satan wasn't over.

Jesus had won the war, but huge questions lingered in the universe--especially about death. Unless answered, evil would survive to rise again.

Security means full transparency. Even the walls of the New Jerusalem are described as transparent.* God had been operating with full disclosure for billions of years.

But then Lucifer challenged the Godhead. He wanted to be God--a creator. Since he couldn't be, (he was created) dissatisfaction caused defection. (I think it took ages--with God always trying to reveal the truth about his choices and win him back).**

The problem was he had so hidden his real character in deception that none of the angels or unfallen beings saw through him. He focused his huge intellect on deceiving through doubt, challenging God's boundaries, implying, "God is holding out on you."***

His attack has always centered on God's way--His law--His character.

In God's home, he said perfect beings shouldn't need law.

After leaving, he said God's law was impossible to keep.

And after he was successful with humans, he said God couldn't forgive them, that mercy and justice were incompatible with His law. Forgiving wasn't just.

After Jesus died, Satan said Jesus' death destroyed the law.

But Jesus said his death established law--proved God's goodness and justice--took our death so we could choose life.****

So for this confusion God gives time. Everyone must be fully convinced in his own mind.*****

*Revelation 20:10-11, **Isaiah 14:12-14 My book on the beginning of evil--the story behind our creation, Love's Playbook, is available at Amazon and on Kindle

*** Genesis 3:4-5 ****Satan's twist on Colossians 2 and Romans 7/Jesus on law: Matthew 5:17-19, Romans 7:7-12 ***** Romans 14:4-5

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