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We hope this becomes a dependency. Strange thing for a therapist to say. But we are dependent on God for life and peace and joy. Spending time with Him every day (imagining these vignettes) will enhance your life and growth as nothing else can.


Misinformation about God is rampant out there today. This is good stuff--agreeing with the best interpretation you can put on Scripture.


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By Arla, Oct 9 2020 01:00AM

The people believed Moses had fed manna to their ancestors in the wilderness for 40 years. But they had been mis-educated to expect more from the Messiah. They couldn't understand why Jesus would refuse to be their king--if he was the Messiah.

So now a rabbi questions, half in jest, "What sign can you give us that you are the Messiah--just as Moses gave our fathers manna in the desert? It is written that Moses gave them bread from heaven."

"The truth is," answers Jesus, "that Moses didn't give you that bread, but my Father gives you the true bread from heaven now."

It was he, their Messiah, in another form, who had given them manna and led them through the wilderness, and "He" is standing here with them now!* He continues, "The bread of God is he who comes from heaven and gives life to the world."

Still focused on material blessings, some said "Lord, give us this bread always!"

So plainly Jesus says, "I am the bread of life."

It was a familiar symbol. Moses had said, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word...** and Jeremiah had said, "Your words were found; I ate them, and they were the joy and rejoicing of my heart."***

Using their symbol, he gives them their "sign" calling himself the bread of heaven, and the Word of God, the pre-existent One.

Then he adds, "Whoever comes to me shall never hunger or thirst."

But the rabbis are playing a game. They are sure of a majestic, conquering Messiah. That's what they want!

John 6:30-36 *1Corinthians 10:4 **Deuteronomy 8:3 ***Jeremiah 15:16

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