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 Best Health Tips 2019


1. Eat 80% alkaline food

  (food that burns alkaline:

  vegetables, fresh fruit, soy

   almonds, quinoa, millet)


2. Exercise 6 x a week

    (something you enjoy-don't                                      

   over-exercise--ups inflamation) 


3. Sleep enough (7+ hrs

     not less than 6)


4. Get your Vit D from the

     sun -- 15 min a day                                        

     (do not use sunscreen--use a

    mineral spray instead)


5. Drink enough water for

     your body weight--

     alkaline if possible


6. Cut out sugar and sugar

     substitutes, especially                    

     sodas and diet sodas

      (stevia is ok)


7. Take probiotics and prebiotics

    limit antibiotics to desperate




 Have you ever heard the idea that every single thing you put in or on your body affects the way you feel, think, and act?


 No wonder God wants us to be healthy! If He communicates with us through electro-chemical energy produced by our bodies, anything interfering, like clogged receptors, would make us less receptive to Him, less able to hear Him.

Tommy Tortoise is a picture book for children (ages 4-7) that helps kids understand what's wrong with eating sugar--click to

Read the back cover



Want a great spring cleanse? Try the Daniel fast. It is eating three times a day only, and then only food that God made or whole food+water-- nothing processed, nothing man-made. It gets really simple--fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans, whole grains nothing else. In 10 days you'll feel fabulous. For references see the Biblical book of Daniel chapter 1 and chapter 10 verses 2-3.