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Ever wonder why good people suffer? Why is there suffering? Why does God allow evil? This spiritual fantasy based on biblical data, takes you on a  journey back in time before our creation to sit in on the councils of God when they were planning our world. Even before evil began. This story of intrigue will answer all those questions, plus "What is God like?" and why does He allow suffering and evil?
Love's Playbook Playbook Cover 600
The worst thing that could happen to you is losing your beautiful ability to choose--the most amazing powerful thing in the universe. It is even more powerful than God because he honors our choices. Losing the power to choose is so easy because we get caught in other people's desires, needs, opinions of us; and our own reactive emotions. What's more, God has enemies who try to steal your self, identity and power of choice. Full of true stories of real people who battled (won and lost) losing self, you'll also learn how to find your much-loved authentic self.
The Worst Evil--Losing Yourself Playbook Cover 600
Tommy Tortoise loves eating sugar--anything sweet. But he learns at school that sugar isn't good for you.
Tommy Tortoise Gets the Sugar Blues Playbook Cover 600
This little pocket book is a military version of Psalm 91, written to encourage the troops--especially those on the front lines. We've received feedback that it is great for anyone suffering any kind of difficult situation.
Covert Ops Playbook Cover 600